What is a Museum?

Museums are organizations that take care of items of historical, cultural, scientific or artistic significance. Lots of museums showcase these artifacts to the general public, via temporary or permanent exhibitions. The biggest museums are situated in major cities the world over, and many smaller museums are present in towns and countryside areas. Different museums aim to achieve different things. Some of them cater to normal people, while others try to serve experts and researchers in certain fields. In recent times however, the trend has been moving towards appealing to the public at large.

How do Museums Store Stuff?

Usually, sliding racks are utilized to store framed artworks, which are suspended on wire racks linked to tracks hung from ceiling and floor channels. This stops any swaying of the racks. In addition, mobile racks are used for hanging textiles, which can be hung on hooks linked to frames, or laid over bars. Sometimes, sliding rack systems are closed units, where the racks have closed walls and panels with gaskets at the ends. Alternatively, individual racks can be self contained sealed spaces, and used to display textiles or other items enclosed in a clear rack. pallet racking systems enable palletized materials to be stored horizontally, on multi level rows.

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Typically, forklift trucks are needed to load the racks with the pallets to be stored. Ever since World War II, pallet racking systems have been commonly used in museums. Every system of this nature increases the space available to store objects. The expenses linked to racking rise, in line with an increase in storage density.

Why do People go to Museums?

A museum is much more than just a collection of objects. It enables you to socialize with others, exchange views and ideas, and actively engage with the local community. More and more museums have started to host book signings, farmer's markets, wine festivals, art chats and professional development lessons. A museum gives you the perfect reason to go out with relatives and friends to enjoy yourself. Generally speaking, spending the day in a museum means quality time with the ones you love, as parents take on the role of tour guides to create a shared educational environment.

What Types of Museum is There?

An art museum, or art gallery, is a venue to exhibit artworks, usually visual works like sculpture, paintings, illustrations, photography, ceramics, metalwork or drawings. An archaeology museum displays archaeological artifacts. This can be done indoors or outdoors, in an open air museum. A war or military museum specializes in military history. These tend to be arranged from the perspective of one country, and the wars that it has been involved with. War museums gather and exhibit uniforms, weapons, military technology, decorations and other items. A history museum gathers artifacts and objects that paint a chronological picture of a certain locality. Items that are present might be archaeological discoveries, documents and more. These museums can be in normal buildings, or based in historic sites or houses.